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For the average homeowner, having a Stainless-steel chimney liner installed costs about $1200 – $2,000 depending on size of the liner.  Most of the chimney companies hides this fees and charge based on impression of the owners and houses, Doctor Chimney LLC doesn’t hide any fees we take pride on our customers and their reviews and we focus on excellent customer service.

Very important for all homeowners to know, that a loot of companies out there install aluminum liners which are the cheapest form of liners, we take pride on our life time guarantee stainless steel liners, caps and dampers from a very reputable US company.

These products protect brick and masonry chimneys from decay and creosote build-up. They run the length of your flue and provide a ventilation passageway for your fireplace. If your chimney is more than a few decades old, you may not have one and should consider having one put in. If you do have a liner but you’re worried it is in poor condition, call Doctor Chimney LLC: 201.981.8382 will send our Pros for a free level 1 visual inspection and reveal if any work needs to be done.

Aluminum – We do not offer

This is a less expensive metal option and might not be fit under certain conditions if offered from another chimney company’s. Consult a professional before you choose aluminum. It can only be used for gas fireplaces and at low temperatures. Otherwise, it is highly susceptible to corrosion. The material is lightweight and easy to work with but also very easy for tear while installed, therefore we don’t take chances.

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