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Firebox Repair | Firebox Rebuild |

Between our masonry technicians and chimney technicians you get the best of both worlds and craftsmanship for repair and rebuild fireboxes in the New Jersey area.

The interior space of your fireplace where you burn wood is called the firebox. Although the refractory mortar and firebricks that are used to construct this area are able to withstand extremely high temperatures, they are still vulnerable to deterioration and degradation over time. It’s a good idea to have a certified chimney sweep inspect the firebox along with the rest of the fireplace and chimney once a year to look for cracks or damaged bricks or mortar. Our chimney professionals in New Jersey, are able to repair and rebuild fireboxes should your heath need attention.

Does the inside of your firebox look worn, cracked, rough, or deteriorated? As with any other appliance, the firebox will begin to wear down over time. As you burn a fire, the bricks, mortar, and materials that make up the fireplace and chimney heat up. Once the fire has burned out, the materials begin to cool. This heating and cooling cycle can cause the mortar to crack and fall out, leaving holes or gaps in the firebox that can let hot gases or burning embers escape into surrounding walls or living spaces, potentially causing a fire.

If you notice broken bricks or cracked mortar, contact us for inspection. New fire bricks and refractory mortar can be built up inside of the original firebox allowing continued use of the fireplace. The fireplace floor will also be sealed with mortar to cover up and cracks or small openings. This mortar is called “fireclay”. If the firebox is in relatively good shape and new bricks aren’t necessary, fireclay can be used to seal the walls of the firebox.  A rebuilt firebox will look and work just like new, but the homeowner can rest assured that they can now safely burn fires.

Water is another major enemy of your chimney & fireplace that can lead to brick and mortar damage. When moisture saturates masonry, the integrity of the brick and mortar is compromised which can cause the mortar to chip away or the bricks to crack, separate, or erode. The best way to gauge the health of your firebox is to take a pointed tool, such as a screwdriver, and scrape the mortar joints inside your fireplace. If you notice that the mortar crumbles or falls out easily, you should call the pros at Chimney Solutions to remove the old mortar and replace it with high temperature cement. This is called tuck-pointing and can be a great option to extend the life of your current firebox.

If your firebox houses a pre-fabricated metal fireplace insert, the panels may eventually need to be replaced after years of usage. If the firebox or old fireplace insert are in poor condition, a new fireplace insert is a great option. Currently, there is a plethora of different styles, colors, and types of fireplace inserts that can slide into your existing firebox to give it a fresh, new look. Wood, gas, or pellet stoves are also another option that you can consider in place of your old, worn down firebox. Since the brick and masonry of the firebox won’t be subject to the heat of an open fire, additional wear and tear will be minimal if you add one of these heating appliances to your current fireplace structure.

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