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Oil to Gas Conversion

The new law requires that you line or re-line your chimney to be able to handle the different exhaust gases emitted by a natural gas-burning furnace or boiler. These oil to gas conversions require the installation of a stainless-steel liner to the chimney.

Many building owners are unaware that when converting to cleaner-burning fuel alternatives like natural gas, existing ventilation and chimney structures require an inspection and new lining installation to ensure safe operation and exhausting.

Depending on the flue size of your current chimney, a specific custom sized stainless-steel liner can be installed in the chimney.

Doctor Chimney Service offers competitive prices on our oil to gas conversions and a factory lifetime warranty on the liner of your choice, and we are your best choice for
all your chimney liner needs. Call now for free estimate.

If you’re living or operating in NJ/NYC and are looking for an oil to gas conversion and stainless-steel liner installation done right, schedule an appointment or for more information on this service or any of the services we offer, feel free to give us a call today.

At Doctor Chimney Service, our aim is to provide a full range of comprehensive chimney repair and professional inspection services for any type of situation that you may have at your business or residence.

All our repair services are performed by the highly trained and state certified members of the Doctor Chimney Service team.

Frequently asked questions about oil to gas conversion

How much does oil to gas conversion cost in New Jersey?

Price of oil to gas conversion range from $ 5000 and $ 10 000. The cost of oil to gas conversion depends on the system (provider) you choose and the complexity of the gas system. Also the additional requirements – if needed -may impact the final price.

What are the advantages of switching from oil to gas?

Oil to gas conversion has many advantages. The biggest advantage is lower heating costs. Gas heaters are also morew energy efficient than oil heaters. Gas heating is also more enviromentaly friendly since it produces fewer emissions.

Is gas heating less safe than oil heating?

Gas leaking could not be detected by smell or visually, while oil leaking can be visible. That is why gas heating requires safety precautions plus regular inspection and maintance.

What is the oil to gas conversion proccess?

First we must disconnect external heating system from the boiler and disconnect fuel supply. Then we must remove equipement such as oil boiler and oil tank. Further we must select appropriate location for new gas boiler and connect it to the heating system.

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