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We love helping our customers in New Jersey maintain and keep their chimney repair NJ in perfect and safe condition by using our expertise in chimney repair, chimney sweeping and chimney liner New Jersey. If your chimney has not been swept for a long time then it’s a good time for inspection and to give your chimney a good care once – over. Due to non- use of the chimney the substance called creosote can built up or natural deterioration can cause side effects to burning and put your home at risk. A reported 42 percent of house fires are related to chimneys and fireplaces therefore let’s keep your house of this statistic board.

Chimney repair in New Jersey is essential to keep your chimney and fireplace running properly, safely and ensure quality air in your home. If you notice a problem with your fireplace, such as bad odor, smoke leaks, or if you notice a tar like substance (Creosote) forming on the inner walls of the chimney, it’s time to have your chimney inspected by a professional. Therefore, hiring a reputable chimney repair and sweep company is important when maintaining your chimney.

Using special rods, chimney brushes, hand tools and a high-powered vacuum, Doctor Chimney can effectively remove the soot build up and flaky creosote deposits. Most important, our technicians are instructed to keep your home tidy by taking steps like laying drop cloths and covering areas with tarps to ensure that no dust escapes during the process.


  • Every 36 fires or once a year, whichever comes first
  • When you purchase a pre-built home, or dwelling

Doctor Chimney Company offers safe and professional cleanings to all of our customers. Not only is the care of your chimney important to us, but so is the care of your home. To ensure that we are protecting your home from any damage, drop cloths will be used to protect all surface areas near the fireplace. Our technicians will then clean the entire system from the fireplace up, using professional brushes and equipment, along with the best chimney vacuum on the market, a Triple Hepa Filter Vacuum. This ensures that no dust or allergens enter the air in your home. Our cleaning services also include a level 2 NFPA Inspection.

All of our chimney technicians are nationally certified and trained. They regularly attend continuing education classes and seminars to stay up-to-date with the latest innovations and technology related to our industry. Doctor Chimney Company offers the most educated and knowledgeable chimney cleaning professionals in the field.

We employ a variety of cleaning techniques to remove chimney deposits. The method chosen or recommended for your chimney will depend on the type of deposits. Several cleaning methods are described below:

Standard Chimney Sweeping New Jersey
Involves the use of brushes to clean the chimney walls. A powerful, well filtered vacuum is used to prevent soot and creosote from entering the home. This type of cleaning is effective for soot and ordinary creosote deposits but has little effect on glaze deposits.

Mechanical Chimney Sweeping
Mechanical cleaning involves the use of wire brushes, plastic cables or special chains rotated at high speed by an electric motor. Mechanical cleaning is often employed to remove hard creosote or glaze deposits.

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